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Snow and Ice Contractors Collaborative of Massachusetts



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siccma_mapThe formation of the SICCMA began in early 2008 as new equipment requirements set forth by Mass DOT for snow and ice contractors were put into place and the economic downturn made it tougher for contractors to maintain a profitable snow and ice business.

The process of buying new equipment has always been a challenge for snow and ice contractors since dealers typically sell to us at consumer pricing rather than municipal pricing. In addition, the ability to get replacement parts became harder as local suppliers cut back on their inventories, increased their prices and started selling lower quality products. As a contractor, it became impossible to know the quality of what you were getting or how long you would have to wait for the supplier to get the products from their distributor. To solve this problem, the idea was simple: Develop an online forum for contractors that would be available 24/7 to purchase the highest quality parts and equipment in the snow and ice industry at manufacturer direct pricing.

To accomplish this, the SICCMA has researched, inspected and tested parts and equipment from leading manufacturers in the snow and ice industry over the past several years. Following this research, the SICCMA has partnered with a select group of manufacturers and developed a secure website that contractors can utilize to purchase parts and equipment directly from the manufacturers, while guaranteeing the highest level of service and support through a featured dealer network.

Developed by contractors, the SICCMA knows how important it is for your equipment to perform when you need it and the necessity of having replacement parts available 24/7. With the launch of SICCMA.COM, contractors are now treated as a single group - providing you direct access to industry leading equipment manufacturers and maintaining the valuable convenience of same day shipping on vital parts to keep you in business.