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Snow and Ice Contractors Collaborative of Massachusetts

How It Works

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The SICCMA was developed for snow and ice contractors by snow and ice contractors. It is a customized website that allows members the opportunity to increase their profit margins through manufacturer direct pricing and as a forum for providing feedback to its management team. Although the SICCMA is constantly evaluating new products and negotiating volume pricing with manufacturers, your opinion matters. If there is a product you think we should feature on the website, just let us know and we will evaluate the product and negotiate a product listing with the manufacturer.

Making capital equipment purchases is one of the most important business decisions you will make. What you buy will determine how efficient and cost effective your company operates, and ultimately how profitable it will be. The SICCMA strives to provide its members with only proven technology and the highest quality made equipment on the market. In many situations, you may be able to purchase a lower quality product for the same or less independently, but you will sacrifice the reliability, support and value of your investment. We truly believe that a great price only matters if you are getting the best possible product that will provide you years of trouble free reliable service.

Once registered as a member of the SICCMA, you are provided full access to all available parts, equipment and pricing and provided a customizable profile. Your custom profile allows you the ability to upload needed information about your truck(s) for purchasing equipment such as a front hitch, plow/wing setup or a closed loop spreader control system. By incorporating this profile system into the website, manufacturers are able to view your trucks information quickly and easily to make sure you get the correct equipment, without having to drive it to the dealer to be inspected. As an added benefit for SICCMA members, if more information is needed for your application, the manufacturer will send an engineer out to your location to personally inspect your truck, saving you time and aggravation.

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