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Snow and Ice Contractors Collaborative of Massachusetts

SICCMA Membership Agreement

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logo-siccma-153pxWelcome to the membership agreement! This is a mutual and legal agreement between you and the Snow and Ice Contractors Collaborative of Massachusetts, Inc. ("SICCMA"). If the SICCMA accepts your member signup form, you will become a "Member" having access to SICCMA.COM, under the policies, terms and conditions provided below. The policies, terms and conditions below limit the SICCMA's liability and obligations to you and allow the SICCMA to change, suspend or terminate your access to, and use of, SICCMA.COM at any time. The following policies and rules are incorporated into the Member Agreement:

The SICCMA will:

I. Provide its Members with a full functioning, state of the art, website for ordering parts and equipment online.

II. Work to improve, maintain and expand the products offered on SICCMA.COM based on Member and industry needs.

III. Strengthen relationships with current manufacturers and suppliers to continually evaluate and improve pricing structure for SICCMA Members.

IV. Make a good faith effort to provide the best customer service to its Members and aid in the process of purchasing equipment from partnering manufacturers.

V. Make it understood that products and services offered for sale and the prices at which they are offered are subject to change.

The Member will:

I. Give first consideration to the SICCMA when buying parts and equipment to support the effort of the membership to increase the overall buying power of the group.

II. Keep in the strictest confidence the terms of this agreement and all pricing, incentives, discounts, promotions, and programs made available to the member, as well as by the non-disclosures of any and all such information in the event of termination of membership, for any reason.

III. Agree to pay the membership fee that is applicable at the time of the Member entering into this agreement. This fee includes a one-time registration charge and an additional annual fee.

By checking the box in the member registration form, you state that you have read and understand the terms and conditions outlined in this Membership Agreement and our general web site Terms & Conditions and agree to abide by them.